Expand your view

Ideal for storey and a half properties

Combine sloping roof windows with additional vertical elements

Combine vertical and sloping natural pine or white polyurethane roof windows to extend the possibilities for view and daylight. Ideal for storey-and-a-half houses, to provide an expanded view and take full advantage of natural light as the sun moves throughout the day

Internal finish and glazing options

  • Internal finish options
    Lacquered Natural Pine
    • Ideal for a traditional interior
    • High quality Natural Pine
    • Protective triple coat lacquer helps to preserve the timber of the window
    • Vertical windows in pine finish can be opened using a handle at the top of the window

    White Polyurethane
    • Perfect for contemporary interiors and white ceilings
    • Ideal for humid rooms, such as kitchens or bathrooms. The polyurethane mould has no visible joins, and therefore ensures a moisture resistant finish
    • Requires less maintenance than lacquered natural pine, ideal for out of reach areas
    • High quality moulded polyurethane with insulated timber core
    • Vertical windows in white polyurethane finish are fixed and cannot be opened

  • Glazing options
    • VELUX Recommended 
    • --60 pane
    • Laminated inner pane for safety with Easy-to-clean coating plus greater energy efficiency and enhanced noise reduction
    • Maximum energy efficiency
    • --66 pane
    • A triple glazed unit that offers an excellent level of thermal insulation. Easy-to-clean and Anti-dew coating to eliminate external condensation