VELUX smoke vent dome

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The VELUX smoke vent dome is perfect for buildings that need to meet safety requirements while providing comfort for the building’s users. Typically used in stairwells and annex connections, it automatically opens in case of fire to release smoke and gasses from the building. Dome opens 50 cm within a minute.

  • 1
    High smoke vent opening

    High smoke vent opening

    The VELUX smoke vent dome top opens all the way up to 50 cm to quickly release smoke and other harmful gasses in time-critical situations. Can also open up to approx. 15 cm for daily comfort ventilation.

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    Polycarbonate dome

    Polycarbonate dome

    Robust polycarbonate material used in the VELUX emergency exit dome is virtually impervious to damage from hail, ice pellets and other extreme weather.
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    Control system 

    Control system 

    Opening system is connected to VELUX fire control system, which should be purchased separately. Choose from three different control systems that can control varying numbers of smoke vent windows and offer a smoke detector addition.


  • Internal finish
  • External finish

    External finish

    Polycarbonate withstands impacts and fire.
  • Glazing performance
  • Operation

    Electric ventilation

    Electric ventilation via fire control system